Falling Walls Lab UAlberta

Falling Walls Lab UAlberta

Amazing Ideas in 3 Minutes.

Falling Walls Lab is a fast paced format—a little TEDtalk and a little Dragon’s Den, designed to showcase the quality, talent and passion of Next Gen researchers, innovators and entrepreneurs. Lab participants present their work, idea or innovation in 3 minutes to a jury from academia, government, industry and the media.

In 2015, there were 34 Labs in 28 countries, one of them being Falling Walls UAlberta. The winners of each international Lab go on to the international finale—Falling Walls Lab Berlin, held every November 8.   

Falling Walls Lab history
The first Lab was held in 2011 in conjunction with Berlin’s Falling Walls Conference. The Conference is an annual gathering of forward thinking individuals from 75 countries, where 20 of the world’s leading experts/thought leaders identify and discuss trends, opportunities and solutions to some of the world's many challenges facing. The Lab concept was created by Germany’s Falling Walls Foundation, and supported by international management consulting firm A.T. Kearny, the German Ministry of Education and Research, and Germany’s Helmholtz Association, Festo, Robert Bosch Stiftung and others.

Falling Walls Lab UAlberta
In 2014, UAlberta was invited by Berlin to host 1 of only 20 international Labs, and Canada's first Lab. Our top three winners competed in the Berlin finale, with one, Nermeen Yousseff, winning 2nd overall. A success repeated in 2015 when UAlberta’s Lian Willetts also won 2nd overall. Both were invited to present  at the Falling Walls Conference. View videos from UAlberta's 2014 Lab and FWLab2015

Mark your calendars and join us for FWLab UAlberta 2016
On September 29, 2016 UAlberta will host its third annual Lab. New this year—Falling Walls Venture UAlberta. Based on the success of our past two Labs, Berlin's Falling Walls organization asked UAlberta to host a Venture event which is focused on science-based start-ups. UAlberta will host the Venture event in partnership with TEC Edmonton, and in conjunction with our Lab on September 29.